First of all, you need to make sure that you have at least $10 on your Studybay account because it is not possible now to withdraw less than that. Keep in mind that bonus funds do not count to the minimum withdrawal amount and cannot be withdrawn.

If you have $10 or more, you need to go to your Balance page to create a withdrawal application.

Once you are on the Balance page, you need to click the link "Withdraw Funds". If you are using a mobile phone, please switch to the full version of the site to see this option.

Keep in mind a few important things about withdrawals:

  1. There is a transaction fee for all transactions on our platform, including withdrawals. You can check how much the commission will be when you select a payment method.

  2. For security reasons, for a month after you deposit money to your Studybay account, there will be only one available payment method, namely the one that you used the last time. So, for example, if you use a Visa card to add money, you'll be able to withdraw the money only to a Visa card during the next month. Later other options will become available too.

  3. You cannot withdraw more than $300 to a PayPal account at once. If you need to withdraw more than that, you'll have to create another application the next day.

  4. Your withdrawal application cannot be processed immediately. It usually takes 3 business days for our accounting department to process your withdrawal. You'll be able to check the scheduled date of approval of your withdrawal on the Balance page.

If your withdrawal request is successfully approved, it may still take a few hours or a few business days for the money to hit your account. Delays usually happen with withdrawals to credit cards and depend on a certain bank.

If your withdrawal request was declined, please contact support for additional information. Be aware that our company is registered in Europe and our transactions may be international for you. It might be a good idea to contact your bank and make sure you can receive international transactions to your card when you create a withdrawal application.

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