Sometimes you know the expert you want to work with in advance, and you're not interested in other offers. Thankfully, there's an option to invite any expert to your project, if you know their user name, or if you find them in the list of experts.

If you already have a project with a certain expert, click on their user name and proceed straight to step 3 right away!

  1. Start with clicking on 'Create a Project'

2. Select 'Invite an expert' and add the expert by searching up your nickname

3. Done! Your expert will receive a notification in a second.

Please mind that you cannot hire an expert directly, without going through the auction phase. Even if you need a specific expert, and you send out an invitation, your project still has to go through the auction step.

You cannot invite multiple experts at once to a project that is already in the auction. Whenever you want to send out several invitations, you'll have to create a new project for each wave.

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