Studybay is a marketplace for academic experts. That is why all of them have to expose the best image in the eyes of your clients. Therefore, we`d like to focus on some crucial points that can enhance your professional look.

At first, we want to concentrate on the spots, that will make your profile photo look better:

  • There should be a real person in your photo
  • Photo resolution ≥ 900х900
  • There should be a face in your photo

Secondly, there are things you should never use if you want your profile photo to look professional and respectable:

  • To provide low quality photos
  • Do not download photos with text
  • Make sure you don't use stock photos
  • Do not use photos with celebrities
  • Please do not provide blurry images 

Now you know what image is better to use for your photo. Please go to your profile and change it.

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