Studybay employs a system of penalties for Writers breaking the rules of conduct provided in the User Agreement. Writers are also subject to penalties for poor performance on Studybay.

A Writer’s account may be restricted or banned.

A restricted account cannot be used to bid for assignments in auction. All of the existing bids will be cleared upon restriction. A restriction allows a writer to work on their orders in progress, and allows them to withdraw funds. A restriction period may vary depending on the violation.

A banned account completely blocks the writer’s access to it. The Administration may choose to ban a writer’s account due to violations of Studybay’s strictest rules. An account may be banned temporarily, or permanently, depending on the violation.

Writers working on Studybay will be penalized for the following violations:

  1. Declining to work on the assignment at half-way to deadline - Restriction, 3 days.
  2. Failing to deliver the finished paper before deadline. The client has requested a refund  - Restriction, 14 days.
  3. Failing to fulfill the instructions for an assignment, or delivering a paper of subpar quality, which results in a full or partial refund - Restriction, 14 days.
  4. Failing to deliver a proper revision within allotted time - Restriction, 14 days.
  5. Declining to work on the assignment without prior agreement with their client, or the Administration - Restriction, 14 days
  6. Using abusive language towards a client or the Administration, or showing offensive behaviour - Warning; Restriction, 7 days in case of repeated violation.
  7. Uploading an incomplete paper as a final document - Restriction, 14 days.
  8. Uploading a plagiarized* paper - Restriction, 28 days.
  9. Failing to contact the administration after receiving a warning from the Administration - Ban or restriction until resolution.
  10. Sharing contacts, showing intent to exchange contacts, attempting to share contacts, or accepting contact information from a client - Warning; Ban, 14 days in case of repeated violation; Permanent ban in case of third violation.
  11. Getting your account restricted for more than 28 days combined - Permanent ban.
  12. Creating dummy orders** using a client account and using them to increase your own ratings and to post positive reviews - Permanent ban.
  13. Spamming, including posting your contact details, and advertising - Permanent ban.
  14. Blackmailing and threatening a user for your own gain - Permanent ban.
  15. Creating a new Studybay account in order to circumvent a ban or restriction placed on another Studybay account - Permanent ban.
  16. Creating and fulfilling dummy orders to circumvent the website’s security - Permanent ban.

The Administration reserves a right, at their sole discretion, to impose a penalty that differs from the ones listed above, taking an opinion of all parties into account, and depending on any additional circumstances. A writer must agree with the Administration’s decision. The Administration’s decision cannot be appealed.

*A paper is classified as plagiarized, if it is possible to clearly identify a source or multiple sources used by a writer, and these sources have not been cited properly.

**A dummy order is an order that is created to bypass the systems implemented on Studybay in order to get unjustified benefits. This may include but not exclusive to orders created to increasing rating, posting fake reviews, or monetary withdrawals.

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