First of all, you need to get an approved account to be able to bid for projects. You can search for projects even using an unapproved account but that won't be of much help. 

So, if your expert account just got approved and you are ready to start working, here is how you should begin.

You need to go to the Auction tab where you'll see all the projects available on Studybay at the moment. 

On the left side of the page, you can set additional filters to sort available projects out. 

  1. You can search for projects with a certain title. This option is useful, for example, if your previous client asks you to place a bid on their new project and tells you its title. 

  2. You can choose different project types and subjects, so only projects of your preferred types and subjects appear for you in the auction. 

  3. You can search for projects with less than 3 bids. 

  4. You can look for projects within a certain price range or with a certain deadline. 

That's pretty much it. Set your filters and start bidding!

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