Once you decide on your expert, you have to make a payment to get them to start helping you. The total price for the project, which includes the service fee, is displayed to you after choosing an expert, and before submitting a payment on Studybay.

Your payment is put on hold on Studybay and is released only after you get the final paper and your warranty period expires, or after you accept the project, thus terminating the warranty. During the warranty period, you will be able to request any number of revisions, or a refund.

Also, there is an option to pay in 2 parts! Here is how it works:

  1. Pay 30% of your project when hiring an expert
  2. The expert starts working
  3. Your expert finishes their project
  4. You pay the remaining 70% + 10% for using a partial payment option
  5. You download the finished project
  • You can only use this option for projects costing between $20 and $400.
  • This option costs 10% of your project's price
  • You can download the finished paper only after you complete your second payment (for safety purposes)

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