When you place an order, you actually have to specify a deadline - the exact date when you want to receive a finished product from your writer. 

The shortest deadline you can set while creating an order is the next day but nothing prevents you from telling your writer that you need it sooner, for example, in a few hours. If your writer is okay with this time frame, it will count as a legit deadline, even if the system shows a different deadline. 

If your assignment is not urgent, we advice setting your deadline some days prior to the actual date you have to turn the paper in, so that you have enough time to check the paper and make sure it is done properly and according to your instructions. You will have 20 days of warranty to send your paper back for corrections if any are needed. 

If your writer missed the deadline (even the one you two agreed on in the chat) and you could not turn the assignment in, you will be able to get a full refund for that order. 

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