After your project is placed in the auction, you will start getting offers from our different experts. The experts are going to check your instructions and set their prices. As a result, your project page will look like this:

You may hire an expert right away, but we recommend doing a little research on them before you commit to hiring. Click on the expert's user name to enter their profile:

Among other things, it may be worth taking a look at the expert's performance:

  1. Review summary will show you how many positive and negative reviews the expert has.
  2. Deadlines summary displays a percentage of delayed assignments and the number of projects delivered on time.
  3. Reviews tab will show you each and every review left by this expert's customers. These reviews are genuine - you can only leave a review after doing a project with an expert.
  4. Finished Assignments tab will give you all the topics and disciplines the expert ever worked on here.
  5. Statistics tab shows the top 5 disciplines and top 5 assignment types the expert is working in.
  6. Portfolio tab lets you download and view this expert's sample papers.

Now that you're dead set on hiring a particular expert, press HIRE ME next to their bid. The system will lead you to the payment page to finalize your project.

Sometimes though, you will see NEGOTIABLE instead of HIRE ME:

This means that this expert has not set the price for the job. Open the chat, ask them to fix the price, discuss specifics, and you're good to go!

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