After your project is placed at auction, you will start getting offers from different experts. The experts are going to check your instructions and set their prices. As a result, your project page will look like this:

You may hire an expert right away, but we recommend doing short research on them before you commit to hiring. Click on the expert's user name to visit their profile:

Take a look at their reviews and the number of completed projects. Some experts do have special badges next to them - try to hover your mouse over them.

Now that you're dead set on hiring a particular expert, press HIRE THIS EXPERT next to their bid. The system will lead you to the payment page to finalize your project.

Sometimes though, you will see REQUEST A PRICE instead of HIRE THIS EXPERT:

This means that this expert has not set the price for the job. Open the chat, ask them to fix the price, discuss specifics, and you're good to go!

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