The way you change your deadline depends on whether you have already hired an expert or not.

  • If you have not yet hired an expert, and your project is still in the auction, simply edit your details.

Go to the "My projects" section and click on your project's title to get to the project page. There's a description box on the right side of the page; you may simply click on the deadline to change it:

Keep in mind that we highly recommend setting your deadline a few days before your actual due date so that you have time to send your project back for edits if any are needed.

  • If you have already hired an expert, you can only move your deadline in the system to a later date the same way as described above using a popup calendar. 

If you hired an expert but need your project earlier than agreed, please describe this situation to your expert in your conversation on the project page.

If they are okay with your new deadline, it will count as a valid deadline for the project. Your agreement in the chat about the new deadline will take priority over the date you put while creating a project.

It means that you'll still be able to request a full refund if your expert misses your agreed deadline but delivers the project before the original deadline. If your expert feels that they cannot complete your project earlier, the best thing to do is to cancel this project and hire another expert.

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