We give each of our customers 20 days of warranty service to check the writer's submission and get any necessary corrections. But what if you are completely satisfied with the writer's job and you're sure you will not need any corrections? Here's how you accept an assignment on Studybay.

As soon as your writer submits the final version of your assignment, or uploads a revision, the status of your order will move to "Under Warranty", and your order page will look like this:

Press the green button that says "Accept the assignment now" to accept the job:

Make absolutely sure you want to accept the assignment. This action cannot be reversed, and if you confirm it, your warranty will be void - no revision or refund requests will be possible for this order - writer will be immediately paid for the job.

Just in case, we'll show you a confirmation prompt, which tells you about the consequences of this action:

We'd like to stress this once again,
In accordance with section 4.5 of Studybay User Agreement,

"In cases where a Customer accepts and completes the Assignment before the end of the warranty period, both a Writer and Studybay are relieved of the warranty obligations. Thus, as soon as the status of an Assignment changes to ‘Completed’, the Writer has a right to decline carrying out a revision for the Assignment requested by the Customer."

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