• If your order is in auction and you want to talk to one of the writers who bid for it, go to the order page and click "Open chat" next to the writer you would like to hire:
  • If you want to talk to the writer who is working on your assignment already, go to your order page by clicking on the topic for your assignment, and the conversation will be there.
  • If you have worked with the writer before and want to talk to the same writer, there are two options:

If NO MORE THAN 30 DAYS have passed since the moment you accepted their work, you can still go to your order page and continue talking to the writer in the chat (just click the assignment title to go to its page and access the chat)

If 30 DAYS HAVE PASSED since you accepted the order or your warranty expired, then the chat is closed and you will need to create a new assignment to chat with this writer.

To create a new order, click on the writer's user name anywhere, go to their profile, click "Order from this writer" (see on the left), and proceed to create a new assignment. This assignment will be put in the auction, and the writer will be sent an invitation to bid for it. Once they place their bid for your new assignment, you can chat with them.

  • If you haven't worked with the writer before and just know the writer's user name, go to Writer Ratings (see at the top of the page), find them using search, and then follow the instructions from the previous paragraph ("Order from this writer").

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