Studybay allows each customer an opportunity to earn real money by inviting more people to our platform! To find out more about this feature and to start earning, you need to go to the "Invite Friends" page:

What you need to do to is to send your personal referral link either through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or Google +) or just copy the link itself and send it to your friends by whichever means you want to. 

It is also possible to send your link to a certain email address or phone number.

Your friends must use your link to create an order, so that you can earn money. If your friend simply follows the link but then signs up themselves on our homepage, that will not count! 

You will get 50% of the Studybay income (service fee) for each order your friend pays for once it is completed. For example, if your friend hires a writer whose bid is $70, the service fee will be $16, so you'll get $8 to your Studybay account once the warranty period for your friend's assignment ends. 

The money you earn with our referral program is real money, not bonus funds. That means that not only can you use this money to pay for your own orders, but also withdraw it to your credit card or PayPal. 

You can easily check how many friends followed your link, how many of them signed up using it and how much you earned. All this detailed info is located on the "Invite Friends" page, under the "My income" tab.

Keep in mind that you will be earning money for each friend's paid orders for a period of 6 months, not forever. Invite more friends to keep earning money!

Please do not try to abuse the system by creating a second account yourself. The system will detect that and the referral program will not work for you. 

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