In order to hire an expert for your project, go to the My Projects page or to your homepage, and select your project. 

You will see all the bids from our experts. Choose one of them and press the button "HIRE THIS EXPERT" near their name if they have already put their price and you agree with it. 

If the price is negotiable, discuss it with your expert first. You will be able to hire them as soon as they put the discussed price in their bid. 

After that, you will be redirected to the payment page. You will see the exact amount due and what it consists of. You need to select your payment method (a credit card or PayPal) and proceed to confirm your payment. 

Upon successful payment, your project's status will change to "In progress", which means your expert should start working on it.

If your payment cannot go through, you may contact support for more information. The most common issue is declining of international transactions by a client's bank (our company is registered in Europe). You may try calling the bank to authorize such transactions first and try again after that. You will not be charged for failed attempts. 

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