In order to maintain our website operational, we add a small amount to your payment for each of your assignments. This charge is called the service fee.

The service fee is calculated based on your writer's total price for the assignment. Don't worry though, the more your writer charges for the job - the lower your service fee rate will be.

Here's the list of service fee rates charged by Studybay:

  1. For writers' offers up to $14.99 - 40%;
  2. For writers' offers between $15.00 and $29.99 - 35%;
  3. For writers' offers between $30.00 and $49.99 - 32%;
  4. For writers' offers of $50.00 and above - 28%.

Service fee is not included in the writers' prices for your order - the ones you see on your order page:

The full price that includes your service fee will be displayed after you select a writer.
In this case, we're choosing a writer with a price of $70. Your service fee in this case is 28%, which sums up to $16. The total price for your assignment is $86:

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