There are a couple of reason why you may find out that your order has been canceled and returned to auction. You can always check what happened to your order on your Balance page but we'll tell you about possible reasons in detail in this article. This is a pretty rare occurrence, and even if this happens to your order, we'll help you get it back in progress in no time!

As we've already mentioned, there are several scenarios:

1. You have hired a writer for your assignment, and your writer declined taking it, or ignored the confirmation prompt. 

As soon as you pay for an assignment, we send you writer a notification - they must confirm taking your assignment within 12 hours or forfeit it. The writers are discouraged from doing this - declining jobs too often may affect their ratings negatively.

At this stage, if the writer declines or does not make a confirmation within 12 hours, you'll find your order back in auction. Of course, we'll send out a notification to you both on the website, and to your email.

2. Your writer took the assignment, but declined to continue working or ignored the confirmation prompt halfway to deadline.

This is an even rarer occasion, and this can only happen for assignments with longer deadlines. Whenever half time passes for the writer's submission, we send them another confirmation prompt through numerous channels. We give a writer 24 hours to make a confirmation at this point. This confirmation is important to check that the writer is still available and working on delivering the paper on time.

If the writer does not make this confirmation, the order will be taken back to auction, and the writer will be given a suspension. You'll also have an option to review the writer - the form will be available on your order page.

3. You hired a writer, but before they could confirm working on your assignment they had been banned.

In case a writer is banned by the administration, they are not able to access the auction anymore or confirm the orders they were hired for. If this happens to the writer you chose, you will have an option to choose another writer. You will get a notification about that on the site and to your email.

In all cases, your payment will be instantly transferred to your Studybay balance - you may immediately pick another writer (or the same one if possible) for the job.

To help you get a new writer faster, we'll place the order at the top of auction for the time being, and mark it with a special "Paid" badge. This will let the writers know that the order is paid, and requires urgent attention.

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