First of all, you need to check the status of your order. Keep in mind that it is only possible to request a refund for your order while it is UNDER WARRANTY. Your warranty starts when your writer uploads the final version of your assignment and lasts for 20 days by default. If your order is still in progress or has been already completed, you won't have an option to request a refund, though in the first case all you need to do is to wait until your writer submits the final file. 

So, if your order is under warranty, you just need to go to the order page to see the option to request a refund.

Once you click this button, you have to choose whether you request a refund by mutual agreement with your writer because of some special circumstances or you request a refund because you are unsatisfied with your writer's work. Choosing the first option will lead to a cancellation by mutual agreement, which will not affect your writer's rating. If you choose the second option, your writer's rating will be affected negatively. 

In any case you'll need to fill in the following form:

  1. Enter the amount of money you want back. You can request a partial or a full refund but be aware that you cannot enter the full amount you paid for this order here, the maximum amount you can request is your writer's offer. Do not worry - the service fee will be returned to you too if a full refund is issued, however if you get a partial refund, Studybay will keep the service fee. 
  2. Enter your phone number in the international format (it starts with a plus, contains your country code and looks something like this: +18554077728).
  3. If you request a refund because you are unsatisfied with the results, it is extremely important to provide a detailed justification. Be specific and tell us what exactly is wrong with your paper. You can also attach any additional evidence in the chat of your order. The most common reason for declining a request for a refund is that a customer does not clearly explain their complaint.

Click "Send" and that's it! Your request will be reviewed by the administration in a couple of business days and you will get a notification with the results to your email and on the order page.
Your writer can also accept your request themselves, in which case you two can issue a refund without the administration's help. Once your writer accepts the terms of your refund, you'll need to confirm your request once more on your order page. Click "Confirm" and your refund will be issued immediately!

You can also cancel your request if you changed your mind but only until your request is reviewed by the administration. Once the administration issues a refund to you, it's final.

Below is a list of cases when you are guaranteed a full refund:

  1. Writer does not upload the final version of the assignment before the deadline and you have not accepted the delayed paper.
  2. Your paper is plagiarized, or contains signs of usage of technical means to bypass similarity detection software, including but not limited to usage of invisible characters and word spinning.
  3. Your paper covers a topic that is completely different from the topic you requested.
  4. Quality of your paper is extremely poor, it contains high amount of errors, which makes it not revisable.
  5. Writer uploads the final paper that does not satisfy the initial instructions you provided to a major extent.

You can get a partial refund if:

  1. Writer does not upload the final version of the assignment before the deadline but you accepted the delay.
  2. Writer refused to make reasonable corrections.
  3. Your paper contains minor errors and inconsistencies even after corrections.

Be aware that if you complain about the quality of your assignment, your request for a refund might be declined if you have not requested at least one revision. 

Also, in case a full refund is issued to you, your writer keeps the copyrights for their work, which means you do not own it and cannot use it without their permission. If only a partial refund is issued, you keep all copyrights and still may use the paper as you wish. 

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