How it works:

  1. You pay 60% of your order when you hire a writer.
  2. Your writer completes your assignment and uploads the final paper.
  3. You pay the remaining 40% + 10% for the using this option.
  4. You download the finished assignment.

Keep in mind that:

  • This option is available for users with paid orders of at least $50 worth combined.
  • You can only use this option for orders costing between $20 and $400.
  • This option costs 10% of your order total.
  • You may download the finished paper and any drafts uploaded after halfway to the deadline only after you complete your second payment.
  • If you do not settle your bill up in time (you have up to 3 days after your deadline), your account will be blocked until you pay the second installment.

You can turn this option on and off on your Balance page.

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