First things first, you cannot be hired on Studybay if you don't bid. A student can only hire you if you:

1. Placed a bid for their assignment


2. Quoted a price for the job.

Here's how a proper bid should look on your end - it must have a set price:

As soon as a user pays for an assignment and hires you, we send you two notifications - one on Studybay, and one to your email.
Here's how the notification looks on your Studybay account:

You must proceed to your order page and make a choice within 12 hours - either get started on the assignment, or forfeit it. Here's how the confirmation prompt will look like on your order page:

Confirming the assignment will move the status in progress - congrats, you now have an assignment due - check your deadline and make sure you deliver on time.
Declining or ignoring the confirmation prompt will unassign the order from you and move it back to auction. IMPORTANT: You will not get an immediate rating drop for declining an assignment or two, however, if you refuse taking more than 25% of your assignments, your rating will get a -0.5 modifier. Please mind that if you fail to confirm within 3 hours, your customer will have an option to cancel the order on their end, so be swift!

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