For most assignments, we require our writers to make two confirmations - one is requested when you get hired, while the other one is requested at half way to deadline, for longer orders.

Here's what these two scenarios look like:

1. A user has just hired you for an assignment. 

As soon as a user pays for an assignment and hires you, we send you a notification on Studybay. You must proceed to your order page and make a choice within 12 hours - either get started on the assignment, or forfeit it.

Confirming the assignment will move the status in progress - congrats, you now have an assignment due - check your deadline and make sure you deliver on time.
Declining or ignoring the confirmation prompt will unassign the order from you and move it back to auction. IMPORTANT: You will not get an immediate rating drop for declining an assignment or two, however, if you refuse taking more than 25% of your assignments, your rating will get a -0.5 modifier.
Please mind
that if you fail to confirm within 3 hours, your customer will have an option to cancel the order on their end, so be swift!

2. It's half way to deadline of the order you've taken.

For orders with longer deadlines, you have to make another confirmation. This is an important one, so we'll send you three notifications:

  • One text message to your phone;
  • One confrmation prompt via email;
  • A notification on Studybay.

You will have 24 hours to make this confirmation, and your order page will look like this:

To make a confirmation, press the confirm button.
If you feel that you would need more time to get things done, you may ask your customer for more time by pressing request an extension.
If you think that you won't be able to deliver the paper, for whatever reason, please refuse working on the assignment.

Please mind that refusing to work on the assignment at this stage will impose a restriction of 3 days on your account, and will give your customer an option to review their experience with you - so use this option only in case you are 100% sure you can't deliver the paper.

That's it! For each order, there are one or two confirmation prompts, and both are hard to miss. Make sure you log in to your Studybay account regularly, and may you never miss a confirmation prompt!

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