So, once you complete a project and upload a final version of it, this project goes under warranty. 

The warranty period lasts 20 days by default, and you get the money for this project only when it ends. Then you may withdraw it from your Studybay account. While a project is still under warranty you see your funds as "frozen" on your Balance page. 

However, there is a way to get paid earlier than in 20 days. If your client accepts the project on their end, the warranty ends immediately, and the money is transferred to your account. Your client can do that if they are absolutely sure your paper is perfect, so please do not press them to do so - our users are entitled to our warranty service. Blackmailing a client into accepting a project, especially if that project was not properly completed, is a serious violation that will lead to a permanent ban from Studybay.

If your client requests a refund during their warranty period, and this refund gets declined by the Administration, their warranty is automatically extended for 24 hours - in this case; you may get paid a bit later.

You cannot get paid immediately for a project that was completed and accepted on the same day it was created. 3 full days must pass between the hiring of an expert and the completion of the project. 

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