On Studybay, you may get a fancy “Verified Expert” badge once you confirm your identity and education. Being verified helps you look more reliable to your clients and get more projects, also it's a requirement to achieve high ranks, which helps lower commission on your projects.

However, verification is available only to experts of the 'Mentor' rank that have fulfilled the requirements. You need to complete 25 projects while being on that rank.

The first thing you need to do to be verified is to obtain a scan or a picture of your state-issued ID (driving license will do as well), and your educational documents. When you have the documents ready, follow these simple steps:

1. Open your Settings, then click on Verification.

2. Enter the number of your first document, for example, of your ID. Click "Upload Scan" and choose the right file. Read our Privacy Policy and confirm that you agree with its terms. Click "Save" to submit the document.

3. Now it's time to upload your second document. Remember that we require at least two docs to get you verified.

Click "Add Document", and go through step 2 again, but this time for your educational document — enter its number, choose the file, and upload it.

4. Take a look at your verification page now. If it has two uploaded files, with corresponding document numbers, listed as "Pending", then you're done! Now just wait for us to review your documents. This will take up to five business days.

Congratulations! Now you have a "Verified Expert" badge on your profile.

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