Studybay allows you to showcase some of your best works on your profile. This section is called Portfolio. You may fill this section with samples of your papers to attract more customers. Here's how to do this:

1. Open your profile by clicking on "My Profile" while logged in: 

2. Click on "Portfolio" in the bottom right corner:

3. Click "Add assignments to your portfolio", press "Select a file" button, and select a file to upload, on your computer:

You're set! Now the files you have just uploaded are visible to all users on Studybay!

Please mind that there are a few rules you have to follow with regards to your portfolio:

  1. We don't recommend you to upload full versions of your assignments - just a few pages or a couple of paragraphs will be enough to give your customer an idea about your writing skills.
  2. You don't have to upload technical documents. If you need to, you may upload sketches, spreadsheets, or solutions for math problems.
  3. Don't forget that general Studybay rules apply to portfolio! You are not allowed to leave your contact information in your portfolio, and your samples must not infringe on copyrights.
  4. It is prohibited to fill your portfolio with papers written for Studybay customers - when you do an order on Studybay, you transfer ownership of the content to your customer.
  5. You cannot upload files greater than 15 megabytes in size, and you cannot upload applications.
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