So you've just got your expert account approved and have no idea how to start. Here's some advice for our new experts!

  1. The first, and the most important advice is "place more bids". We mean it. You can never have too many bids if you're just starting. Luckily, we have no limits to the number of offers you can make. The more bids you place, the better chances you'll have to get more projects!

  2. Be online! Try to spend more time on the website and place your bids for new projects as soon as they appear. It's also quite important to give your potential client quick responses - if you do not respond to a user within a few minutes, chances are, they will stick with another expert!

  3. Communicate properly. Try showing a personalized approach to your potential clients. Ask them questions relevant to the given task, share some insight on how you're going to tackle the job. Using generic templates can sure help you respond to projects quickly, but they can only get you so far, while personalized approach can show your client that you have already read and understood the instructions!

  4. Fill out your portfolio and don't be afraid to show it to your client. To do that, click on "My Profile", and open "Portfolio" tab in the bottom right corned. Add any samples you have written that show your proficiency. This will definitely help our clients notice you.

  5. Last but not least, believe in yourself! We can assure you that the experts who already mastered both bidding and writing have followed aforementioned advice, and they are already earning thousands of dollars monthly! You're here to join them!

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