If you didn't get the money you've withdrawn recently, don't worry - let's take a look at why this may have happened.

Firstly, check the date of your withdrawal - it's located in your balance page.
Here's what a withdrawal entry looks like:

Each withdrawal on Studybay takes 3 working days to be processed. Let's check out the processing date for this one.

  1. Your withdrawal is created on Thursday, November 9th.
  2. Friday 10th and Monday 13th are the first and the second working days respectively, as Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th are days off.
  3. Tuesday 14th is the third working day, and the day when your withdrawal is processed by Studybay.

If you find your withdrawal pending on the next day, then something may be wrong - in this case, we recommend you to contact support by opening a chat in the bottom right corner, or by sending a message to [email protected]

Please mind that even if we send the money on the scheduled date, it may take additional time for the transaction to finalize and for the money to hit your account. Even if it usually takes just 1-2 working days, in some extreme cases it may take up to 30 working days. 

We highly recommend you contacting our support team if you didn't get the money within 2 weeks - if this happens, we'll help you trace the transaction.

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