In order to hire any writer on Studybay, your assignment must be in auction. The assignment is published in auction after you have created it, and submitted all the instructions. The picture below indicates that your order is in auction.

Please mind that you cannot hire a writer directly, without the auction phase. Even if you need a specific writer, and you send out an invitation, your order still has to go through the auction step.

Take your time - it will take a few minutes for the writers to process your task. Soon, you'll start getting offers. Here's what an offer looks like:

See the green Hire me button? Press that to hire your writer (make sure you Open chat and exchange a few words with the writer before you hire though).

Sometimes though, the offer will look like this:

This happens for two main reasons:

  1. You have edited some of the instructions for your assignment, which may have made the old prices obsolete
  2. Your writer did not set the price at all, or removed it, without removing the offer.

In any case, there's one solution to your problem - Open chat and tell your writer to set the price. After your writer fixes the price, the good ol' green Hire me button will appear.

Hit that button and proceed with your payment!

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