If you've got a review from a client and you feel that you don't deserve it, don't worry - there is a way to file a petition against any negative reviews you get on Studybay. However, it's important to understand that not every negative review may be removed. Each review you appeal against is passed to Studybay staff and will be reviewed individually.

Understanding how we review each petition is key to a successful appeal. Knowing which reviews can be appealed and cannot save your time, so, here's a  bit of inside information on how we handle them.

A review can be removed:

  1. If it contains a misstatement - for example, your client complains that you had submitted the paper late, while you actually submitted it before the deadline.

  2.  If it contains derogatory statements or verbal abuse - constructive criticism is not considered derogatory, is allowed, and will not be removed.

  3. If a review, for any other reason, is deemed unjustified by Studybay staff - we may choose to remove reviews if they are clearly written out of spite, for a closed refund case, or if a client did not request any formal revisions for a revisable paper.

  4. If a review does not review the expert's job but is aimed at Studybay or otherwise unrelated to the expert's job - a review is intended to represent a client's opinion on their experience with a specific expert Studybay. If it represents something else entirely, it will be removed or edited.

Keep in mind that a review will not be removed if it simply represents a subjective opinion. A review is, by definition, a subjective opinion. A simple statement such as "I didn't like my expert's paper" is a proper opinion - such reviews will not be removed.


Now for the actual petition part:

Press the Open Dispute button on the project page

Write a message explaining why you feel like this review is not justified, and click Send.

That's it! You've just filed a petition against this totally unfair review! It takes us up to 5 working days to review these, so don't worry if you aren't getting a response right away.

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