Before you start canceling your order on Studybay, it's important to know the status of that order. The process may slightly vary depending on this status.

Go to your order page by clicking on the topic for your assignment, anywhere on the website.

If you have not chosen a writer for the job, and did not make a payment, then the status of your order is likely #2 - Auction. Canceling such orders is simple! - click the Edit button in Order Details box:

On the next screen, click Delete in the bottom left corner, then make a confirmation.

That's it! Your order in auction is deleted!

If your order is already in progress though you need to click Cancel button on the order page:

As soon as you clicked on that button the request for the cancelling the order will be sent to your writer. After accepting, your order will be returned to the auction and the funds will be transferred to your Studybay account.

Please mind, the order will be cancelled only by mutual agreement. You can cancel the same order 3 times. This option is available only if there is more than 50% before the deadline and your writer did not upload a file. 

If your writer has already uploaded a file or there is less than 50% before the deadline, you still have an option to cancel an order. 

First of all, you should notify your writer about your decision. Then you writer will upload an empty document as final version and you will see Request A Refund button on your order page. Please follow the instruction from this page: I Need a Refund for My Assignment.

After requesting a refund, you will see this confirmation prompt: 

Choosing the first option will lead to a cancellation by mutual agreement, which will not affect your writer's rating. If you choose the second option, your writer's rating will be affected negatively. 

Your request will be reviewed by the administration in a couple of business days and you will get a notification with the results to your email and on the order page.
Your writer can also accept your request themselves, in which case you two can issue a refund without the administration's help. Once your writer accepts the terms of your refund, you'll need to confirm your request once more on your order page. Click "Confirm" and your refund will be issued immediately!

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