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1. If you already have an account with us, click here or press the next button.

If you've just arrived on Studybay and you don't have an account, click here or press the button below. Fill out a quick form with your topic, assignment type, and email address. We'll create a new account for you and transfer you to the ordering page. Don't forget to check your email - it contains the password you'll be using to log in to your account on Studybay!

If you have an account on Studybay, you may place new orders by pressing "Create an Order":

2. Fill out the order form. Make sure your instructions are as clear as possible - this will help the writers set the prices right away and you'll be able to find a better writer more quickly! If you have your instructions or reference material in a file, upload it by clicking Attach File. Make absolutely sure you're not posting any personal information!
When you're ready, click Next or open the Details tab.

In the Details tab, set up your page/word count and the deadline for your assignment. We highly recommend you to set the deadline to at least a few days before your submission - this will give you or your writer more time to revise the paper. 

Select the type of service you are ordering - Writing, Proofreading or Editing. Pick your academic level and formatting style.

Put your budget for the paper in the Price field - this will help the writers with pricing.

When you're done with all the instructions, press Post to Auction to submit your order - it will be displayed to myriad writers working on Studybay.

3. If you forgot to mention something important in your instructions, don't worry - click the Edit button in Order Details to add more!

Look! You're already getting offers from our writers - press Open Chat next to a writer to start a conversation or press Open Chat in the description to open Studybay messenger.
When you're ready to hire someone, press Hire Me next to a writer of your choice.

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