Sometimes you know the writer you want to work with in advance, and you're not interested in other offers. Thankfully, there's an option to invite any writer to your order, if you know their user name, or if you find them in the list of writers.

If you already have an order with a certain writer, click on their user name and proceed straight to step 3 right away!

  1. Start with opening the list of all writers on Studybay - click Writer Ratings to get there.

    2. If you know the user name of the desired writer, enter their user name in the search bar and press Find Writer

If you don't know the user name, or you're just searching for the best writer, pick the discipline for your assignment - the system will pick the best writers in your field and sort them based on their performance in this particular discipline.

    3. Click on your desired writer's user name to get into their profile. On the profile page, click Order From this Writer. This will let you invite this writer to an already created order or create a new order with invitation to this specific writer.

If you want to contact more than one writer and send out multiple invitations, click Hire this Writer next to each writer you'd like to invite, on Writer Ratings page. You can select up to 10 Writers this way. Click Invite to Order to send out your invitation and to start creating your order.

Please mind that you cannot hire a writer directly, without going through the auction phase. Even if you need a specific writer, and you send out an invitation, your order still has to go through the auction step.  

You cannot invite multiple writers at once to an order that is already in auction. Whenever you want to send out several invitations, you'll have to create a new order for each wave.

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